March 13, 2023


I almost fell asleep without doing my journal and I need to sleep soon because I was pretending to sleep. So I woke up feeling okay I didn’t go back to sleep so I was chilling. I got up and went to school. My English teacher came back which gave me mixed feelings but I’m ready to learn now. Then we finished the History movie and I tried doing my assignments for Esports but my friends were being loud even when I had it on full volume but I still did it. Then in Library I finished the assignment for Bio that my teacher had posted which is due Thursday so I did my homework very early. Then in Bio we didn’t do much. We are gonna go over the topic quickly since we need to catch up but I’m willing to study. Then I had lunch and it was good I was messaging my friend. I had Latin American and it was fun because I was cracking my back and talking about AOT. Then I had culinary and I forgot my chef coat so I asked a friend to borrow theirs and it was small and jt actually fit me really well. Then I just gave it back. Calc wasn’t bad we just went over the questions and stuff. I got home and I had some ramen and then chilled and then started cleaning and then my parents came home with Wingstop and I inhaled it. Not really I took my time eating and jamming to music. Then I just began working on the stuff I said I was going to do today. So I’m not gonna read because I am going to go to sleep but I will read tomorrow morning.

So tomorrow:

  • Finish Calc
  • Work on paragraph for essay (if there’s time)
  • Do extra credit for Bio
  • Do Calc quiz (if there is time)

That’s all there really is. I’ll be going to sleep now. Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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