April 26, 2023


Hello. So today I woke up at 6 and slept in for a bit and was going to set an alarm to wake up later but forgot but luckily i woke up at 6:25 I started chilling until 6:30 and was going to start getting ready for school but my dad had to use the bathroom since he was going to work so I only used the toilet and then I made my coffee and gave the cat food. I also cut a slice of banana bread for breakfast and was just eating until 7:20. A kitten came out while I was just eating there. After, I got ready for school and at 7:44 I was ready and then I took the cat outside and told her she had ten minutes and then the last few minutes she finally decided to run outside after just standing by the door. I brought her inside and then went walking since my dad didn’t answer me. I got to school at like 8:10 and then was talking tk friwnds. History was first and we were just answering some questions after reading some stuff and then the exit ticket. After it was testing and I was sad I was missing Library for that test. I got there and then just started packing my stuff and when J was there I was talking to my friend about the classes we want to take next year and my calc teacher sent an email abojt calc bc next year and I was considering it since it’s like the same as ab but more topics and I want to take four APs maybe because I want to challenge myself but I’m not too sure. So I started the test and it was six questions only and I guessed on some and tried on the last one and I finished early so I went back tk tru on the ones I guessed. Then I got to Latin American and was just talking to friends and doing the assignment. It was lunch and I had banana bread for lunch and I finished my lunch quickly this time. Then I was making fun of my friend for playing mystic messenger and I also played some fashion famous. Then I had a meeting so I got my attendance sheet signed and then we were just creating groups which took a while and Inwas starting to get frustrated but my l counselor got us back on tracks Then it was calc time and I was tried at thag point and we just didn’t some practice problems and a worksheet and I asked her if I could ge the notes for the extra topic and she said she could give them to me on Friday. After I went to book club and we just did kahoot. Then I got home and I started cleaning up and had three slices of pizza and then I got in my meeting and then I started taking notes. At 8:30 I finished notes and was chilling. I didn’t finish all three topics but only two and I can finish the next one tomorrow. I think I will start doing five topics a day if I can but I also have the weekends so I will try grinding extra hard those days. I only ahve like 25 topics to go. So then I showered at 9 and got out and ten and had raspado and spoke to my friends and now I’m here. I’m very tired.

So tomorrow:

  • Do 6.3-6.7

Tomorrow I know we are doing the essay for english so I have tk rewatch the video and for esports my teacher told me this morning we are working on our website and then for Bio I think we might take our quiz tomorrow and then for homeroom it’ll be chill so I’ll try annotating the topics for Bio tomorrow and then taking notes but I think we might have something to do. Then for Cukinary I think we are going to the kitchen so I think I’ll take my chef coat tomorrow. That’s all so I’ll be going to sleep now. Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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