May 21, 2023


Hey guyssss. So right now i’m in a good mood because i’ve been delusional all day. daydreaming is a part time job. anyways. today i woke up like at 7 and then i was just chilling for a bit like just laying down there and then like at 8 i started reading and then went on my phone. i had some coffee and pan dulce and watched markiplier. then at like 3:50 i got started on homework. i ended up finishing esports in like an hour and i have a lot of ideas for the website which i will try doing in class tomorrow. so as a refresher or if i never mentioned it we are doing a website for our team and we have to have like who our members are and like our schedule and tournaments we are gonna be in and i finished all tjay and so now i’m going to move on to the other stuff i have on my website. i need quite a bit like the about us, contact us, news, shop, and partners. some of that stuff i came up with but i was looking at what we needed to do to finish our website and i was thinking for the shop i can use canva to design some shirts which won’t be too hard i believe. like it’s just a shirt. then some stickers and mugs and posters. and for the news i can do like a little news article thingy i saw on canva a template. gonna but my journalism skills to use. last year i took journalism and look where that’s gonna take me. i honestly think it’s so cool when like things i’ve learned in the past i can use in the future which is why i try learning so much and also i just enjoy learning. anyways. the about us will be a little difficult i believe but i’ll look at some websites since the about us blpsge isn’t even that long. as for the contact us i’ll do like a little i forgot what’s it’s called like a business card on canva and link it to the website. anyways. so that’s that. after i got started on my calc project and oh my god. i started like at 5ish and i was using my ruler and erasing for the crossword puzzle and i finished like the outline but i didn’t trace it. i need to trace it with pen or marker but it can’t be too thick since the boxes are pretty small since the paper was small. at least i finished that part which was the worst part. tomorrow i can get started on writing down the hints and finish the title of my crossword puzzle. i have until next week so it won’t be too bad. luckily we finished english or i finished my part almost and we can work on it tomorrow so i’m not stressing about doing english since we have time in class. i finished history and i talked about esports and o can use library tomorrow to work on calc and then for bio we are analyzing our lab results from thursday. and then for latin american who knows and cukinary hopefully not cooking because i’m not taking my chef coat with my because it’s a nuisance and i still need to get my locker. then for calc i’ll just work on my thingy. i also spent this weekend taking like small quizzes trying to find what i want to take in college by like doing personality tests and like career quizzes and all that. i know i’m infj for sure and i like tjay about me to be honest. anyways. tomorrow i’m going walking to school i believe since my mom said i will but sometimes she has my dad take me to school. and i’ve also been planning on how i want to ask him out today. i’m going to ask if he had a girlfriend and if yes ik mentally preparing and if not then i’ll ask if he’s under 18 and then make my move and ask if we can exchange contact information. i got it all planned out. also tomorrow is pajama day and i’m wondering if i actually should go in my pajamas or not because like if i do then i won’t really have to change my clothes and if i don’t then i do have to change but because i’m walking to school and possibly home it’s akward bevaude it’s a dangerous world out there. so yeah.



  • try finishing english
  • for calc finish outline and title and begin writing down hints
  • start designing merch

im a little ahead with my school work which is good especially english hevause i have a 88% in that class and i’m VERY close to having a 90% and so then i’ll have a 4.0. if i wear my pajamas ima put on my comfy hoodie but it might get hot and when it does ima be SWEATING especially with this heat coming in. okay so i’m pretty excited and i don’t know if it’s because i’m in a good mood right now but i am actually exited for esports because i can be creative which is something i can’t really do at school but now i can and i also need to ask if the competition flyers and schedule i did is good. okay i will go to sleep now. good night! oh my god i don’t know if i mentioned this but i want to watch the fnaf, flash, transformers, and soiderman movies coming out this year. ALSO THE BARBIE ONE. my friends want to go watch transformers in theatres and i also want to go. anyways i’m actually going to sleep now good night!!

Written by ckh2k6

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