July 16, 2020


The Plan.

I'm going to use this new format, where I plan my day and then say what I did.

So far I've eaten (I ate the lunch I packed, which had a bunch of fruit, and then more fruit, so now not only have I eaten way more than usual by this time in the morning, but I also had to make a second (smaller) lunch) and talked to my mom about some things that I am in conflict about. She was more understanding this time. Last time she just brushed me off and told me to quit thinking about it, but I can't just turn off that thought process now. Today she heard me out and gave her opinion.

My plan for today:

* Job applications

* Go to work. Work.

* Eat my downsized lunch.

* Work some more?

* Go home. Hand stand and L sit practice.

* Eat, again.

* Job applications, reading, ect.

The Execution.


* Read about coronary heart plaque buildup

* Went to work

* Ate my downsized lunch

* Worked some more

* Went home and showered

* Ate and regretted it

* Updated this entry

* Worked on some data stuff.

Going to bed early, hopefully tonight I sleep well.

My current projects&tasks: a focused view

High Priority

Job applications: I've applied to around 15 places so far, and I have another 10 or so in progress.

Literature review - personal: I have a subject I have a note file on, and a draft I am getting started. I may contact some people to talk about it. I could maybe make it into a larger project with real world implications, but that seems like a pipe dream. For now, it's just fun free time literature.

Literature Review A - job related readings.

Data summary for the last few months - A.

Literature Review B - job related readings.

Medium Priority

Webcomic: I have written the plotline and started storyboarding.

Programming: I signed up for a free python class, but am yet to start. I have an idea for a project I want to make.

Thank-You gifts: I've made cards, I need to mail and send gifts to a number of important people and such.

Health. Detailed in my private log.

Low Priority

Exercise: body weight fitness; returning to cardio and training after other issues are resolved.

Moving out: once I have a stable job I am content with.

Other to-do:

* Buying a new mirror; selling my current one

* Selling another item in my house

* Bike maintenance, x2

* Sending my hair for donation

* Buying some stuff off amazon - wacom tablet?

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Posted On Jul 17, 2020

Some tasks like eating and working will pretty much get done every time. You can try out the method Elvena_Art suggested, it's really helped me get a lot done today that I normally wouldn't have. It does involve planning for the next day before you go to sleep though, instead of planning the day of. Anyway I'll update you if it's still useful for me tomorrow.

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