July 17, 2020


Today's Plan

Before quarantine and all, I used to always plan out the next couple of days, with things that are due, meetings, and when I would exercise, ect. I used to meal prep 5-10 wfpb meals, calorie-counted, pre-portioned for the week, all of that. With the loss of routine, doing this just means taking up fridge space and eating less variety, so I have a more "interesting" and varied diet now. There's also less need and pressure to plan things since I have basically all day to work, and I have a lot less stuff to do, so getting up at 4 to study before going to school at 6, being in class 8-12, working 12-5, going to the gym 6-7, and then doing homework 8-10p just to do it all again, with volunteering twice a week, and running, and biking to school, and cooking all my food and prepping it...isn't my life anymore. Now I sleep more, rest more, eat more, enjoy things ect ect. So life isn't as "productive" but I also don't feel like I'm going to pass out or starve. Which is actually an immense improvement in quality of life tbqh. The only thing is sleep, because I keep waking up at night or struggling to fall/stay asleep for a myriad of reasons. Tonight was that I was overheating, but I don't know how to make my room cooler. I overheat all the time now. Other nights are anxiety, or people talking far away, or stressful dreams that jar me awake. I've started struggling to stay awake during the day and taking 10-20 minute naps randomly - like, just laying down on the floor or putting my head on the desk and just going straight into dreams for 10-20 minutes. I used to have that a lot when I was sleep deprived routinely (3-6 hours a night for months and months with no weekend "catch up" since I would not let myself oversleep). I would drift off directly into a dreaming state.

Woops that wasn't my plan. It's 3am. I feel really awake and really far too warm. I'm so warm.

Here's the plan.

Morning: *RR *Make food for later? *make treats for my friend *update my work log; catch up on B work *A work

Noon/early afternoon: bike to friends house, hang out for 1-3 hours and chat at a distance. Have a few shots (chocolate flavored liquor ftw). bike home i cancelled and moved it to next week so i can just hang out after work

Evening: read, work on A work, catch up on C (volunteer work)

The Execution

3-6am: reading stuff - a chapter or 2 of "could it be b12," and these:

Ling, Carolina H. Y.; de Craen, Anton J. M.; Slagboom, Pieternella E.; Gunn, Dave A.; Stokkel, Marcel P. M.; Westendorp, Rudi G. J.; Maier, Andrea B. (2011-10). “Accuracy of direct segmental multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis in the assessment of total body and segmental body composition in middle-aged adult population”. Clinical Nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland). 30 (5): 610–615. doi:10.1016/j.clnu.2011.04.001. ISSN 1532-1983. PMID 21555168.


Impact of hydration status on body composition as measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry in normal volunteers and patients on haemodialysis

Horber, F F ; Thomi, F ; Casez, J P ; Fonteille, J ; Jaeger, P

The British journal of radiology, October 1992, Vol.65(778), pp.895-900

6-10am: listened to podcasts while doing A work


Then I did the RR, had lunch, finished the Monday data. I went for a long walk.

I accidentally ate 4 brazil nuts today instead of 2. I increased to 2 this month, before I only had 1, but now I'm thinking I should've only been having 1 a day after all. I don't remember what prompted me to increase to 2, but I'm freaking out because if those nuts happened to be high in selenium it could be toxic. I had 3 in the morning (I was sleep deprived and ate 3 (or was it 2?) by accident) and then the 4th one was one i thought was a cashew, but then realized it wasn't and didn't eat it but it did touch my tongue so I decided to eat it instead of having someone else eat a gross brazil nut that someone else's tongue had touched.

I'm probably fine but I'm having anxiety and the anxiety is giving me chest pain and the chest pain gives me more anxiety. I think I'll stop on the brazil nuts for a week and then just do 1 a day.

I logged the extra 2 brazil nuts as tomorrow, so they will appear on tomorrow log. I will resume eating them on the 25th, but only one a day.

I'm getting really anxious now so I'm going to try to take a nap or do something really distracting so I don't panic.

My current projects&tasks: today's PLANS

High Priority

Job applications: 15 done, 10 to do.

Literature review - personal:

Literature Review A - read A paper (email)

Data summary for the last few months - A. analyze data from this week; check previous weeks for errors

Literature Review B - x

Medium Priority

Webcomic: x

Programming: write down idea

Thank-You gifts: x

Health. x

Low Priority

Exercise: body weight fitness; returning to cardio and training after other issues are resolved.

Moving out: once I have a stable job I am content with.

Other to-do:

* Buying a new mirror; selling my current one

* Selling another item in my house

* Bike maintenance, x2

* Sending my hair for donation

* Buying some stuff off amazon - wacom tablet?

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Posted On Jul 18, 2020

Your previous schedule was boss. You might have been able to completely get rid of exercising 6-7 though since you already did that the entire day by walking / bicycling, and then slept earlier from that hour or longer that you saved.

Posted On Jul 18, 2020

@JustMegawatt My previous schedule felt like it was killing me

Posted On Jul 18, 2020

@lays_chips It's one of the busiest schedules I've seen, just activities packed every day and then you had to bicycle everywhere along with that. I don't think my schedules have ever been as busy. When I do walk or bicycle to work it's more like an "adventure" and a choice to, not some mandatory thing. Also I do like to take naps usually once a day too, sometimes I'd go to my car to nap, or I find a quiet room or something in the office to lie down on the floor just like you. Afterwards I feel rejuvenated.

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