July 19, 2020



Make a treat for my friend.


Meal prep/make lunches.

RR from bodyweightfitness.

DnD with friends, 10-12.

Gravel bike ride.

Work on A.


I made treats (brigadeiro) for my friend and as soon as I was done I realized he doesn't like chocolate. This is almost the third time I've made something and once I'm done remembered he doesn't like chocolate.

I vacuumed, and then the vacuum tub broke...

I meal prepped: cauliflower (i got if for $2.50 for a really huge head!), beans, rice. A very carby meal. There was a point I wouldn't eat beans AND rice because I thought it was too much carbs. How time changes.

[some stuff I moved to my private entry :<]

I don't know what to do about a lot of stuff, and there doesn't seem to be an easy or clear choice.

I met for DND and did A work during.

Then I had lunch and checked my bike before going for a ride with my friend.

I rode 40 miles, partly on gravel. We talked about a lot of things and it was nice. My friend plans to go to med school, and I am considering that too, so we talked about the medical system and the current state of things and what we would envision doing in the field. We also talked about animal ethics and cartoons. (I contributed to most of the conversation of the latter. He doesn't watch cartoons.)

Then I ate more food despite not being hungry but that's fine because food is important to be healthy and all of that.

I'm finishing off A work now.

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Posted On Jul 20, 2020

Don't try to fix my problems for me.
This is a journal. Sometimes, I write about things that bother me.
Sorry if the problems I choose to write about seem stupid to you. I won't do it anymore, that was stupid of me.
Obviously I'm not going to write about the things that are bigger issues, because those are much more personal and private.
Don't reply to this.

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