July 20, 2020



I slept 8pm-11pm and then 12-5am.

First, finish A work.

Then do the RR.

Bike to work, work, bike home.

Do A work from today's data or catch up on B.


I finished A work, but it took super long, so I skipped the RR to go to work.

When I got to work, I talked to my boss and ended up just doing computer stuff... so I might as well have just stayed home.

I did computer stuff for a few hours, 1-6.

Then I went home.

Today I started to regret going biking with my friend. We social distanced and it was just the two of us, but we took off masks when we got away from people and were largely alone. I kept mine on until I was going uphill and it started to make it hard to breath. It was too hard to breath with masks, since the masks would go into our mouths. Now I'm a bit worried about it. I didn't ask my parents if they were fine with me going - honestly, it barely even occurred to me that it would be a problem since both of us take caution and do social distancing.

I'm not religious, but I've got catholic blood, which means I can't tolerate guilt and feel compelled to confess. So I told my mom about it regretfully. (If I hadn't felt guilty I probably wouldn't even have remembered to mention going out for a bike ride at all.)

I hope nothing comes of it. I did intentionally keep my distance, and with wind pulling our breaths away from us, it should be fine...? He's got no symptoms and gets tested routinely by his work, so he didn't have it in the last two weeks as far as he knows.

I hope my mom isn't mad.

I might wear a mask at home for a week or two.

Anyhow, now I'm summarizing data for the last few weeks.

I'm probably coming on-site tomorrow again, and Wednesday.

There's no new data so I can go over the old stuff and see what needs to be redone or expanded on.

I'm typing this before heading home, eating, hopefully doing the RR if I'm not lazy (or full) and then finishing up the A summary. I also need to do C work TODAY, and reply to a B email.

Written by lays_chips

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