July 21, 2020



I am going on site today. - x

Bike to work; work; perhaps eat lunch and then bike home. - x

Do the RR (yeah... didn't do it yesterday). - x

I've finished going over A work; now I need to wrap it into a presentation and cut out chunks that aren't good. - x

I need to update B journal and reply to a few emails. - x

I need to fill out the DPS for C, finish the C assignment, and reply to a few C emails. - xox

Also buying sodocream for cycling would be useful. - tomorrow


I went to work, but I took the bus part way. I don't use any padding to bike, and now I have saddle sores.

I updated B journal and did work, filled out C DPS.

Now I'm heading home early.

I've always had trouble with daytime fatigue and sleepiness. Now that I'm at a very healthy weight (as opposed to underfat and/or underweight) I expected to be better, but I still have trouble staying asleep and feeling rested, as well as staying awake in the day.

I did the RR after having a snack and a shower. (I shower when coming in from work due to COVID).

Now I will eat, finish up C, and finish up A for a meeting tomorrow.

I will submit at least two job applications tonight.

I talked to three people on my job situation with the full details. One said they would not continue to do my work; the second said not to quit; the third said only to quit if I feel it will hurt me. I think I might back out. I feel bad, because I went through the trainings and I'm sure it cost my employer money, but I don't know if I can do this and retain a healthy mental state.

Secret log, weight talk.

Starting tomorrow, I will be weighing the higher calorie, high-fat foods I eat, but not restricting calories or time I eat. It's a half-way measure that's neither restrictive (to lose weight, after I literally just worked to put it on) nor permissive (to allow the gaining to continue unchecked). I'll record which high fat items I weighed in my body log.

Since I don't always weight what I eat, I'm sure the calorie intake is 10-20% higher in reality. Regardless, I notice that my weight has a lagging response to diet - so if I eat more for a week or two, my weight will increase a week or two after that starts. If I cut down, the weight starts going down after a while, so there's sometimes periods where I've cut my eating to a point where I feel hungry and should be losing weight, but it continues stagnant or even climbing, then starts to drop. Right now it's still trending upward from the few weeks where I wanted to see what would happen if I ate 2000 calories with a very reduced amount of exercise, but I'm hoping it may falter and even fall for a bit in the coming week or two. I don't want to really lose weight, I just want it to slow down, because it shot up really fast the week after I did the 2000 calorie thing and it freaked me out for a bit.

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Posted On Jul 22, 2020

Whatever choice you make, I hope it works out

Posted On Jul 22, 2020

@JustMegawatt me too

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