July 22, 2020



Yesterday I ended up doing 1 out of 5 C assignments. It's my first time, so I asked the C supervisor H to look over it before I proceed.

I couldn't stay awake, and went to bed at 10:30 to wake up at 5:30 to work before work.

My plan:

  • finish up A presentation - x
  • handstand+L sits?
  • bike to work, work, bike home - x
  • buy sodofem
  • shower, eat, job apps once more - 2 more today


I did the A presentation and had some chest pain in the morning. It passed or morphed into hunger.

When I went to work, someone was coming by for B and needed me to get them in and get them some iso, but I STILL don't have access. (That's on me though, I need to send an email to get clearance.) So I did a lot of running around, borrowed iso from A while the man waited at B. That's...probably fine? I asked A before and he was uncertain but I managed to get in touch with B and he said it was fine, so I went ahead and took it to the tech.

Then I worked after meeting with A to go over the work these last months.

There's a lot to fix but at least a few things have gone right.

There's a machine at work that has Monster Ultra (the low calorie one - red) stocked instead of diet coke, so I can get Monster Ultra for a dollar instead of $3.50. It's still a waste of money but it's so much more tempting to buy when I know that I'm "cheating" the machine. I had one Monday after many months of not having any energy drinks. It's only 140mg of caffeine per can and 10 calories, but it's still money and it's probably not good for me.

I ended up being at work 10-6 today.

I'm feeling tired so I think I will buy sodofem tomorrow.

I'm transcribing my A notebook to an online version for easy access and cleanliness, so when I move on A can use it as a tidy reference. I've done this before but I like the new format better.

I got home and ate. As I ate, I felt hungrier and hungrier, but I drank a lot of water and had sauerkraut to keep it low.

I made some almond butter and out 350g black beans to soak.


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Written by lays_chips

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