July 24, 2020

Books 'n Kittens!

Today was the first full day we got to spend with the 2 kittens, and it was wonderful!

Although, I was a little bit worried at the start because I didn't know how the kittens would react to the piano. But I was glad to find out that they actually loved it, at least the not-so-intense pieces. Hopefully, now that they've gotten accustomed to its sound, they'll be fine with me playing pieces that aren't as calm and soothing all the way through.

The catch of having kittens, however, is that they sleep a lot. So, I can't really practice any time I just want to anymore. Which, to be honest, is kind of a bummer, but it has allowed me to do a lot more things!

Like for instance: today, instead of only reading when I stretched, I pretty much spent the whole day reading. I'm reading Harry Potter again, and I actually read the Chamber of Secrets today. Though, I really should have taken more breaks in between reading sessions, :P.

I let them onto my lap while reading the last few chapters and Ate Andie took a photo. So cute!

Written by Quarter

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