July 24, 2020



Work on A.

Meeting with B, 1-2:30pm

Job applications.

Workout - hand stands, L sits, some indoor biking and a walk.

Get in contact with the person L sent me.


I spent the morning from 7-10 working on A.

Then I did a little indoor biking (just an hour), took a shower and met with B.

I took a shower and met with B.

Then I went for a walk and got my 10k steps.

I was planning on not eating after lunch, but I started getting really hungry and I'm still on the fence about restricting my calorie intake... so I ate. And I ended up being VERY hungry, and continued being hungry later at night despite having over a gallon of water today.

I finished A work, took a nap, and didn't do any job apps.

Kind of dissapointing.

Tomorrow I plan to do 4-5 hours of indoor biking.

Written by lays_chips

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