July 25, 2020


The plan:

Read; indoor biking metric century.


C meeting, 3:30-4:30.

Walk, RR.


Job applications; make summary for A.


Read these papers:

Indoor biking metric century., 10:30-2pm

Shower, lunch.

Whenever I need to use the kitchen after lunch (or after my parents need) my dad suddenly decides dishes need to be done. So I waited, light headed and hungry, for 30 minutes while he did all the dishes, loaded the dishwasher, and even cleaned the coffee/espresso machine, and then dusted off the towels. I know it's deliberate. He's such a child. He routinely leaves dishes not just until night time (so from 2pm to 7,8,9pm) but sometimes until the next morning- at which point I do them. All it takes is for me to want to use the kitchen for a bit- you know, to be a glutton - and he's suddenly in a big rush. "When will you be done?" "will you be taking long?" "Let me know when you finished" and he'll hover around, watching me as I just try to make my food.

Had the C meeting, 3:30-5.

I think maybe I should check in with the floor...

I ate a light dinner/snack (banana... and protein powder because I'm an artificial sweetener addict)

Now I seriously need to do job applications. But I decided to read webtoons like garbage. Then I did all my C assignments, so I will check in with the supervisor tomorrow.

Also pictured is the hoodie that finally arrived~ My friend bought it for me for my birthday but it took literal months to ship.

Written by lays_chips

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