July 26, 2020



Meal prepped for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I am planning to do a zoatmeal mono (zuchinnis and oatmeal only!). I've always wanted to do a mono so I might as well. I decided to modify this to oatmeal + fruit/veg only.

Do the RR from bodyweight fitness.

D&D, 10-12pm.


Job applications.

Wrap up the stuff for A; update the online journal.


Meal prepped as planned.

I slept really poorly and was basically only asleep 12-3, so from 3-6 I was repeatedly awake with headaches. I managed to sleep once I got an ice pack to hold to my head.

I did the RR. Today I managed to do the first 4 of 5 pull ups with my full body weight, making for 16 pull ups.

D&D didn't happen because I had connectivity issues.

Then I had lunch, and went for a walk. I imagined a fantasy scenario where I meet up with a friend I fell out with a long time ago and we make up and talk things out. It's been a really long time. I guess that now I'm not as busy and distracted by other things, my mind has more time to wander into feelings I locked away.

Anyhow, from 2-4 I walked, then I bought some sparkling water.

I applied to several jobs, and have applied to a total of 20 23!, been rejected from 7 8, and interviewed for 2.

I got in contact with L's friend and we will be talking later this week.

I went for a second walk and talked on the phone with my friend, Gelato.

It was an OK day. I think I will start exercising more again. It's been a nice month and a half of a toned down routine... but now there's no point to it anyhow.

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Posted On Jul 27, 2020

Cool day. Those headaches don't sound great but it's nice that you can do full body-weight pull ups again. Hope you're doing well and make it through those interviews.

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