July 27, 2020



Work onsite from 10-5 or so.

Go home, potentially do another job app.

Do some exercise.

Decide whether or not I want my dad's gift (a surface go... it's expensive but it's a "graduation gift"...)


Biked to work, worked, biked home.

Today I had a really hard time being.. awake. I bought a monster ultra - again! - but it didn't help much.

I "failed" the oatmeal diet (I ate some of tomorrow's oatmeal and 10 almonds) but managed to be 100% wfpb. Set a high bar so you fail over the low bar I guess.

Now I'll do some drawing or some work for A. I'm on-site again tomorrow. And I want to plan out a project I have.

I was gifted a Surface GO ($400....) and I wasn't sure if I should take it or not but.. I think I will. I might try it out today or tomorrow.

Written by lays_chips

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