July 30, 2020



Work on my MATLAB script, maybe finish it if I can.

Go on-site... maybe.


B emails.



I ate too much already

I'm struggling with the MATLAB script, so I'm leaving that for this weekend, after I get work done.

Here's what I want from my script:

  1. subtract the previous frame of a video from the current frame
  2. blob analysis of the subtracted frame to identify and assign xy coordinates to things that moved
  3. save xy coordinates for each frame to an array
  4. save the array, after finished, to an excel file

I made a trial of it and ran into some errors and it ended up getting too convoluted. I just want something simple to identify where my subjects are at a given moment in time. I can use the xy coordinates to determine which bin they are in (there's 2-3 per video) and then find the distance from a point manually.


I'm sort of invested in the script now. I think I might be able to make it work. I've been grinding at it all day since I'm an inexperienced person, and it's probably very ugly, but it might just work.


Still at work. I have the script subtracting the frames, doing blob analysis, finding the xy coordinates. I want to cut out blobs below a certain size, and I'm still struggling to save the xy coordinates for each frame with a labeled timepoint in a cell.

But otherwise it's looking pretty rad.


Jk, still at work. I cut constrained blob sizes and have the xy coordinates exported, although not exactly how I want them.

Now I just want for it to export to excel and receive user input so the files produced have unique names.

I hope it's actually doing its job right.

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