July 31, 2020



Leave home by 9-9:30am, to arrive at work around 10:30-11am.

Go to the B training, 12-2:30pm.

Meet with A (from B), go over a few things that need to be taken care of.

Take pictures of the things for record keeping and further contact.

Go home.

Buy things for FMD; meal prep.


I weighed in kinda high today. Going to do the FMD starting tomorrow. I think the hormonal BC is influencing it, but still.

I worked on my MATLAB script in the morning. It's very close to being done, I'm just having trouble exporting. I have a cell of cells that I want to extract each cell ( a series of xy coordinates) into a table (so one table of xy coordinates per "frame" or moment, into an excel sheet like so:

1 X Y 2 X Y 3 X Y ...)

Then I did the RR and headed out.

I got to work early and did a little more MATLAB before the B training.

A (from B) cancelled our meeting. So I went to my desk and fell asleep for an hour, from 2:30-3:30pm. I was hungry and tired.

When I woke up I worked on the MATLAB file again and got it to export all the xy values per timepoint into an excel sheet, but each time point is on a seperate sheet. So my next tasks are to get it all on one sheet, and to have the file sort the points and include only the ones in a specific box so I won't have to do it manually.

When I got home I found there was a swarm of ants from the doorway to the kitchen and living room. I had noticed them in the morning and let my dad know, but I guess he forgot. I spent an hour (in total, I think) cleaning the floor, sweeping, wiping down counters and repeating all of this as ants kept appearing. I bet they're back already. I used damp clothes (swiffer) and vinegar spray with soap to erase their tracks, but there's a stray few that escaped me that will lead the rest back

Tomorrow my parents are going out so I will try to ride an indoor imperial century.

Written by lays_chips

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