Aug. 1, 2020



Bike a bunch indoors since my parents aren't home

B emails

Work on MATLAB, run a few tests

Draw my comic and edit my friend, Artichoke's, poem


My parents changed plans, so now I don't have the house to myself. Sucks.

I finished up my matlab script. Now it binds the points by location and exports to an excel sheet.

I'm running a test with a manually analyzed video.

The downside is that the run time is around 2 seconds per frame - and I'm going to be running around 240-1000 frames per video... thrice. So that's 24 minutes of matlab per video at least.

I have to re-export the videos to be 20 minutes now, and my computer will take a while to do that. There's a lot of bumps in this process.

I did around 25 miles of indoor biking.

Then I made lentil soup.

I read a webcomic, and then went for a short walk.

Then I started storyboarding a project while listening to youtube.

I replied to a few B emails and entered my hours in.

I have someone coming to look at the aquarium and hopefully buy it today.

It did sell. However, I spent much more time drawing/doodling fashion than working on my projects. fashion doodle attached

Digital art makes things much easier

Written by lays_chips

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Posted On Aug 02, 2020

cool drawing!

Posted On Aug 02, 2020

@JustMegawatt thanks!

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