Sept. 4, 2020

Offensive words.

We had our gender sensitivity webinar today which I actually learned quite a bit from. One of the insightful things I learned was to ask why I laughed or did not laugh at a joke.

In the situation when an offensive joke just passed by with no objection, what happened was that either the receivers laughed at or ignored the joke but never really questioned whether it was okay for them to laugh and or for that joke to exist, or the receivers knew that that joke was bad but never said it was bad or told other people off for laughing at it.

I am ashamed of admitting this, but I sometimes did not speak up for what I knew was right. For instance, last school year, my friend kept casually using the derogatory and offensive word, "mongoloid", yet I never once told him to stop and that what he was saying was fucking disgusting and horrible.

Anyone who heard him should have reprimanded him, but neither a single person nor I ever did.

I can not be passive anymore. If I ever hear that word again...

I was gonna write about other things, but now, I am not in the mood.

Please, be kind and keep striving.

Written by Quarter

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