Sept. 27, 2020

Just a nice day.

Got a Rubik's Cube sticker from Ate Andie. She's just awesome. The colors are wrong though haha (opposite colors cannot be on the same edge or corner).

Was able to find a way to send the money for the class pictures to Gng. Liu.

Satisfying practice; managed to play pp. 1-2 of Fantaisie Impromptu with no mistakes at a fair speed.

Looked at the night sky for the first time in probably months. I noticed just how utterly black and sparse it seemed to be due to light pollution. I thought about just how absurd it was that the Moon really is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away—and that the stars are freaking hundreds of millions of kilometers away!

Whew, days as good as this don't happen often.

Be kind and keep striving!

Written by Quarter

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