Oct. 20, 2020

Comparing the 2 me's

I was in the shower this evening when I tried comparing the person I am today to the one I was 9 months ago. I realized just how much of a mess I was then and just how little control I had over my life.

It's actually scary contemplating a scenario wherein I stayed unproductive - wherein I continued procrastinating on the goals I had at the time or never got a chance to dream up some of goals I now have today.

Although I'm happy that I did change and became a better person in doing so, I'm also sad because I didn't change sooner. I feel that I've wasted so much of the precious time that was given to me, and I feel that I'll never get that time back...

Despite the fact I know these sentiments to be true, that doesn't give an excuse for me to not do something at the present. We can always change and we eventually will. Our brains have what's called neuroplasticity, an ability which allows us to rewire the connections in our brains and to make new ones. This is why even though we may spend even years doing the wrong things, we can still reform and rectify ourselves.

We won't be stuck forever. Time can still move.

Be kind and keep striving.

Written by Quarter

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