Oct. 24, 2020

Pavane for a Dead Princess.

This is actually my second entry for the day because man did the first one talk about a lot of controversial stuff.

Anyways, I'm satisfied enough with Traumerei that I've decided to pick up a new piece already: Pavane for a Dead Princess by Ravel: https://youtu.be/q9tcHoD6r0c

My first Ravel piece, and I'm pretty excited! Sight-read the first page or so today, and I've noticed that my sight-reading skills have been dramatically increasing lately because of the (relatively) easy pieces that I've been learning. The key really is just to not look at the keys (hah), but seriously, just don't look at the keys when you sight-read, and you will be surprised by how much you can improve.

I spent so much time on my previous entry that it's now 3 AM. I wonder what time I'll wake up? Good thing it's Saturday tomorrow - today :P.

Welp, gotta sleep. Be kind and keep striving!

Written by Quarter

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