Jan. 2, 2021

Will We One Day Truly Experience Our Dreams?

As the head feathers into slumber, the mind filters through all the stimuli experienced throughout the day, jumbling together the life and thoughts of an individual with the imagination and expression dancing in the subconscious. There is a world untouchable within the mind that plays like a movie, a lost VHS with tape that is frayed and smudged, a multitude of double-exposed photos racing across the mind’s projection. A play is arranged through thoughts, both new and old, that are filed and sorted through creating stories that lead the dreamer on a journey that may leave their heart aching for more. And yet, these plays, these beautiful and awe-inspiring performances fade from the mind with such quick succession that what the heart crazes to remember is lost, the ribbons that hang in the air only fade through the hands that grab, mocking the want to hold onto adventures of such wonder. The feeling of not being able to recall the world, the other side, pains those that wish to understand, that wish to relive and enjoy. It pains me, filling me with sadness and a touch of frustration as I struggle to have my mind record the films that inspire such otherworldly journeys.

Dreams hold so much potential for imaginative expression into what a conscious mind may never be able to understand and conquer. Maybe this is why the awake mind cannot hold onto these fleeting memories created throughout such a short amount of time. This bulk of imagination doesn’t have any real sensory indulgence, it is all a figment of the dreamer’s inner workings of memory filing and organization, there is nothing to hold onto because experience needs a foundation to give it substance. Of course, some dreams are enough to allow the dreamer the ability to hold on and, if the dreamer is proficient at remembering strands of subconsciousness, they can mentally build their own foundation of the plays to be held and contained enough so that they’ll have the ability to enact their own sequences into the scenes.

Although this ability is interesting on its own, I am more interested in the thought of understanding the inner workings of which type of stimuli creates a specific firing of neurons and using these specific sparks to create accurate pictures of what the individual is seeing; however, one of the problems I see arising is the one about how brains are different in their types of computing. Although humans share many outward body functions, the understanding of these function are likely to be different for the neurons to distribute their reactions to each other; in other words, the communication between those of one brain is different than in another which contribute to the uniqueness of distinctive individuals.

What is the likelihood of not being different in most of the locations of neuron fires when connected to specific stimuli? Knowing the location would at least give a general consensus of the type of sensation of either physical or visual being possible to narrow down in order to have a program understand and learn of it’s dreaming companion enough to create accurate depictions of imaginative brain activity over time as long as the dreamer is willing to go through and correct the program’s guesses over a period of time after a substantial amount of trials. Doing this could help understand the slight differences between perspectives of an individual for, as they say, most experience the world differently be it only minimal for those in similar situations yet still enough to create an entirely new understanding of the particulars of a happening.

I crave the ability to record what is currently out of reach and only available to those who only believe that their memory of the events projected by their subconscious while in a state of disconnect is in tune enough to truly get the picture of what was in a place that can never be. And yet, it is known that memory is faulty even the memory of one recalling what they are sure is a perfect recollection. That is because the senses are not perfect. There are blind moments within life that are filtered either in or out of the memory’s recordings. Again, perspective is one of a kind, it highlights what is true only to that of which is looking on and yet truth does not mean reality, reality is outside of perspective because reality is not complete to one’s senses for there is too much to endure or collectively fully engage with. Sure, the mind picks up much more than our focused forward conscious, but it is still masked by what the mind understands as how reality should function. All of this is a world of unknown truths that are not visible to the current life that we all live. The dimming of light, the closing of eyes, these things shut our minds off from the visual world of what we know as the physical truth.

How are we able to be sure that the physical realm hasn’t disappeared from existence? It is just because of our understanding that objects, that matter of this state of being don’t just cease because of the inability to sensually see the object?

How do we truly know that this is the reality that of which is real? If our minds can create worlds within the time of unconsciousness, then what is happening within conscious?

What is another being? Does it bring fear that another is also a being of intelligence that has a perspective of their own, that is able to be completely different than your own? Are all 7 billion of humanity truly all as sentient as we are lead to believe? What if there are beings that live as only a program, as only minimal existence, enough to roam through life as enough to show that the population as a mass? And yet, these are of little substance, of minimal existential being that holds just enough for the brain, to lead enough of a lie that allows all to believe they are in a world that is reality. How do you know if you are someone of substance? Thoughts are just a complex program of interconnecting thoughts made with a plethora of neurons within a multitude of similar hardware. Though all may be equipped with the hardware, what version is it? Is it one of substance or is it one that is only basic enough to allow another being to contain the mind’s control of an expanding reality from the perspective of many individuals with different understandings?

What trickery does consciousness have that we are not privy to?

Is anyone’s reality the truth that we are here trying to seek?

Written by xandraxian

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