Jan. 30, 2021

Sibelius 3 Mil!

TwoSet finally dropped their Sibelius Violin Concerto today, and it was just spectacular.

What's crazy is that I almost missed it. Yeah, that's right. Even though I set a reminder. The problem was that I set the reminder at the wrong time: 10:30 PM instead of 10:30 AM. I was only able to watch the live stream because I just happened to be checking out my subscriptions to see if anything new was uploaded and saw that they were live. They were already four minutes into the live stream, but luckily, they hadn't started yet. Whew, what a relief!​​

The whole concerto, from start to finish, was a chef's kiss. The audio was much better this time, so we could now hear all of those awesome dynamics - and also mistakes (hehe). However, I was pleasantly surprised because Eddy didn't make any major mistakes (or maybe not any that I noticed; who am I to say? I'm not a violinist.) Just shows how much he practiced. (As for me, I haven't played in three weeks. frown)​​

He chose to go with a much harsher interpretation akin to Vengrov's. I think it worked out beautifully. My favorite part in the entire concerto was the 3rd movement. Eddy performed it with such energy and punch; I was mesmerized.

Brett served a great orchestra too. His dynamics were exquisite, allowing the soloist to shine. Both he and Eddy made sure to keep Eddy in time, so every line flowed very nicely. I found it adorable when, while turning his page, Brett hummed the orchestra melody since he couldn't play it.

As of now - my favorite violin concerto! I look forward to watching it again in the future! ​smiley​​​​​

Written by Quarter

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