Feb. 6, 2021

The Cosmos.

Cosmos was a journey that I undertook with Carl Sagan. I learned a lot about us and the universe in those 13 hour-long episodes. The last episode, Who Speaks for Earth, left me with a kind of sadness in my heart. In the previous 12 episodes, Sagan showed me why all these wonderful things that make up and inhabit the universe are awesome and should be appreciated more. In episode 13, however, I was shown that these wonderful things might no longer be appreciated by me or anyone else if we as a species choose to blow ourselves up, thereby allowing no human to explore and learn about the beauty of the cosmos ever again.

No rational person on our planet wants that. So why do we still fight? Why do we still have disputes that continue to bring despair to this day? We can try to explain all we want our unusually hostile behavior. Yet realizing that we are but a pale blue dot drifting in the vastness of space makes it all seem so trivial and unneeded. It is extraordinary to see in the bigger picture just how vulnerable we really are.


I want to explore the cosmos.

I want to go where we haven't gone before.

I want humanity to reach the stars... I would just like to see us succeed.

I'm rooting for us, but it's sometimes so hard to. It would be the biggest shame if we did something so foolishly stupid that we threw away our only opportunity to learn about our ancestry and where we truly came from.

Like he said in one episode,

|----"We are made of star stuff."

Written by Quarter

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