Feb. 21, 2021

Day 2 of Nofap

Look, you've done this before. You even succeeded for a time. It was from early June until late October of last year. That was almost five whole months wherein you were able to fully conquer your inner demons. But, you relapsed, and it's been another few months since you've had any real success. (Though, you did manage to abstain for like four weeks when it was New Year's.)

This time, however, it's different. This time, you will watch at least one video related to Nofap to remind yourself of the reason why you are doing this. That reason can be seen from an excerpt of one of your journal entries:

"The reason I started writing this in the first place was because I was fed up with my relationship with masturbation and porn. Masturbation and porn are one of the worst pairs ever. Period. They've ruined so much of my life. I calculated the number of hours that I've lost to masturbation and porn, and it's around 1700 fucking hours. That's time I could've spent learning and becoming who I want to and should be. What's worse is that their destructive and harmful effects reach outside that 1700 hours thus damaging even more of my life. When I finally overcome this obstacle that's been plaguing me for years and years, then and only then, will I truly feel free."

You are someone who is capable change. You are someone who isn't tied to their animal urges. You are someone who has actually tried to battle and confront what they know to be the worst aspects of themselves and their worst habits.

Be kind and keep striving. You will do this.

(The video that you watched today)

Written by Quarter

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