Feb. 27, 2021

Today was another great day! (Post Malone Pokémon Concert, Walking for an hour, and worked in my mot

Today was another great day to the point where I'm content with my time spent. Today, I was just playing Final Fantasy XIV, working on my character to level 80 so that I'm well prepared for my journey in the Endwalker DLC. While I was playing FFXIV though, I got a notification saying that the Post Malone Pokemon Concert was starting so I attended it.

AND BOY! The concert was so lit that I was having a blast listening to his songs (even though the concert was a bit short)! To be honest, his songs that he puts out really resonates with me even when I'm in my toughest times. The first song from Post Malone that I listened to was his "Sunflower" soundtrack from Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. That song was so lit and really chill where I would always hit that replay button over and over again. Do you guys remember those Pokemon Gen 5 music memes that say the soundtracks of those games "hits?" Yeah, that was what I felt when I was listening to Post Malone. Back to the Post Malone Concert, I was enjoying the songs that he was singing from his other albums (Psycho, Circles, Celebration) including his new song released in association with Pokemon, "Only wanna be with you."

Now, I want to discuss his new soundtrack "Only wanna be with you!" The fun fact about this song is that it was originally a Hootie and the Blowfish song! What also mind-blown me was the fact that Post Malone met with Darius Rucker (he was part of Hootie and the Blowfish) according to a Youtube post that Post Malone posted! I guess Darius Rucker, Post Malone, and Pokemon must have been collaborating together to put together this wonderful soundtrack for the Pokemon fans! Finding both artists that I like and Pokemon collaborating with each other was the best collab that I have ever seen man! After this concert, it really made me love Pokemon even more. I guess Pokemon will be with us for years even if it's not the same as it was in Generation 1.

Afterwards, I was walking the treadmill for an hour. While I was walking the treadmill, I had the T.V. in front of me that was attached to a computer so I put up some competitive Pokemon matches to watch so that I could keep running and thinking of my next battle team! Honestly, I think having a walk for an hour or so really gets you active and motivated to do other things. Because after I walked the treadmill for an hour, I was super light on my feet and I felt like I had the energy to go through the day. As someone who has been doing this Habitica challenge of walking, I recommend everyone give this a shot once in a while. For me, walking on the treadmill for an hour paid off.

Lastly, I spent my day working on sorting paperwork and receipts for my mother's accounting business. I worked for my mother for a few hours for the purpose of making some money for the upcoming Pokemon games. Even though I worked for about an hour, I always get kind of lazy not working for more than an hour. I think I have to get myself into the habit of working seriously if I were to make the money to purchase my favourite things.

Welp, that's all about my day today! For anyone who attended the Pokemon concert, how was it for ya? Was it short? Was it satisfying? Was it a new twist Pokemon has done for Pokemon day? As always guys, thanks for reading my journal entries and also HAPPY POKEMON DAY!!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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