March 1, 2021

School Update 2

I am slacking off with my care being a mixture of both there and not, teetering on an imbalanced seesaw. My blame goes to both my lack of self-discipline and the classes being online. Although integrity is important, I have not been putting forth mine and have instead just been looking up answers at all opportunities, my honesty on quizzes is at an all time low in these classes. Honesty is really only there for writings and artwork, for obvious reasons.

Truthfully, it doesn’t actually matter in the majority of my classes. The only one where it matters is in Chemistry since it is a math class and math is difficult to fake, at least for me it is. I know Chemistry is going to be important for me, and I know I need to get it into gear. Friday there is the second exam, so this week I am going to sit down and flip through these last three chapters. I plan to use Khan Academy to help as well as whatever else since I cannot stand listening to my teacher’s videos. We’ll see how it goes since I basically bombed the first exam.

3D Design’s going fine. I’m still not big on building with the materials that we are using, but it has gotten easier. Unfortunately, everything I have made has been so dainty. It wasn’t my intension to manipulate the chipboard into being small enough to become fragile, but it seems that every project ended up that way. We are currently on the non-representational build. Even though we had to focus on the principles and element of design, I still wanted the result to look divine in someway in order to tie all three together. To me, it looks like a figure with long limbs that include multiple arms. The colored areas uses the height placements to signify the importance of the head and body. We’ll see how she likes that part of the artists statement with the figure and limbs omitted since there are supposed to be no identifying representations, as the label implies.

This is the first grades for Drawing II (midterms), so it is pretty important. Our task is to separate the work that we have completed into three categories: homework, gestures, and classwork over 15mins. At the bare minimum, we are supposed to have six homework drawings; however, he would prefer if we have more that shows that we have implemented his critiques into our work. My goal before Wednesday is to do just that with at least a couple of the homework, definitely the latest. I also need to put in some work with more gestures and over 15min works since I missed two classes. I’d like to think that I am doing well in the class, but I won’t truly know until his midterm critique where he’s going to actually analyze our work and give us his thoughts on paper.

This is actually embarrassing because I am not proud of some of these, but I think it might be important to note. Current Grades:

  • Western History I: 75% (purposely missed a discussion)
  • Western History II: 77.14% (accidentally missed a discussion & one wasn’t good enough)
  • Non-Western History: 97.84%
  • Art as Interface: 90.85% (two poor quiz grades)
  • Drawing II Fundamentals: N/A (midterm this Wednesday)
  • 3D Design Fundamentals: 96.88%
  • Chemistry Fundamentals: 76.53% (bombed first exam)

I’ll say again, Chemistry is the true one that needs to be actually worked in, sometimes effort is needed and I know I can put it in it is just the matter of doing so. Yeah, the Western Histories look bad, but they’ll be fine. Nothing to actually worry with for those.

Written by xandraxian

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