March 2, 2021

Crap day lol

I normally don't write about my days anymore, but today was so bad, it's hilarious:

  1. Didn't sleep enough the day before so decided to sleep in a bit - consequence was I had miss breakfast so as not to be late for class
  2. Zoom's been a dick lately and hasn't been accessible through the join icon, so I've had to use my iPad mini instead or ask for the links from my friends
  3. Every single and useful file in the Recycle Bin all somehow got deleted (like how??)
  4. Temi's in heat again, and she's been so annoying the whole day :P
  5. Spent too much time on typing sites today that I had to work on a late math assignment that turned out to be a pain in the ass
  6. A fucking brownout occurred as I was working on the assignment (Luckily, I didn't lose anything, but having to use a flashlight to see a calculator is not fun)
  7. Because of the brownout, I can't take a bath, and it's so goddamn hot right now
  8. And as if it were a cycle, I'm sleeping late again (and even more so because I'm writing this entry). Great.

The brownout only affected us, our neighbor in front of us, and the 220 sockets which was really weird.

I feel bad because this is like the opposite of a gratitude journal lmao, so I'll point out some good things that happened:

  1. Tried out Ate Camille's Keychron K2, and it gave me a tease for the mechanical keyboard that will be arriving soon (Lam-ang Pro) to fix my posture and just make my laptop life better
  2. We had such delicious chicken inasal for dinner omg. Hopefully, I'll be able to have some of it for lunch/merienda.

Welp, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Be kind and keep striving!

P.S. - Brownout fixed at 1 AM! I really thought we were gonna be having it for a while. Made me realize how much we take for granted electricity...

Written by Quarter

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