March 2, 2021

Strong Interest Inventory test

Today, I had an exhausting day attending 4 classes in one single day. My University classes usually start at around 12:00 PM and end around 5:45 PM and it's only on Tuesdays and Thursdays that I usually attend these classes. Even though having two days in a week dedicated to classes, I at least have some breathing room on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to relax since I only have 1 class on those days (which is not asynchronous).

I am still bummed out that I did very bad on the Midterms for my Finance class, however, I still got another test coming up and I won't let that grade that I got from the test bring me down. This is how recording the classes that I attend to w/o my camera being on is pretty useful. If I am to study, I would most definitely refer back to the class recordings that I keep under my belt for references! So far, I am doing ok trying to turn in homework as soon as possible. I missed one quiz for my Economics class but hey, it's just one quiz.

However, I want to speak about the Strong Inventory test in this post. While attending my BUS 315: Global Management class, I got back my Strong Inventory test results and carefully analyzed the results. According to my test results, my highest themes within the test are conventional, enterprising, and realistic. Now let me explain what each of those terms means according to the Strong Inventory paper:

Conventional - Setting up procedures and systems, organizing, keeping records, developing computer applications. Potential skills are the ability to work w/ numbers, data analysis, finances, and attention to detail. Example: Organization, data, management, accounting, investing, information systems.

Enterprising - Selling, managing, persuading, and marketing are the work activities. Potential skills would be verbal ability, ability to motivate and direct others. Examples: risk-taking, status, competition, influence.

Realistic - Work activities include operating equipment, using tools, building, repairing, and providing security. Potential skills are Mechanical ingenuity and dexterity, and physical coordination. Examples: Machines, computer networks, athletics, and working outdoors.


Now based on these results, I think that these are accurate to how I am thinking about my future right now. I think why I am so high on Conventional was because I have done management work for my mother's accounting business such as sorting and filing receipts in alphabetical, timely, and credit card order. Personally, I feel like that is an easy job for me to make some money, however, it's been pretty hard for me lately to stay motivated in this type of work. For Enterprising, I think I got that from working at retail companies all the time. When I was a retail associate for a Surf shop, I was always persuading and directing customers to the products that match their descriptions. In addition, I always love talking with customers (especially when it turns out they're Japanese tourists) so I believe that is why Enterprising is my highest. For Realistic, I always love walking outdoors sometimes and I feel as if I know just enough about the current technology today. Realistic probably came from where I was working for my grandpa in construction, learning all sorts of tools he would use as a handyman.

As I looked further down, I saw that my top five interests were Sales, Teaching and Education, Marketing and Advertising, Culinary Arts, and Office Management. I was like "Wow! That's actually accurate to what I am thinking right now!", except for the sales part. The sales part was what kind of got me off guard, but maybe I need to look into that career more as it seems to have caught my interest. For the rest of my top interests, however, those were actually spot on! I feel I could picture myself in any of these scenarios! Most definitely, Culinary Arts are what caught my eye because I have been cooking a lot of omelets in days where I could fit my schedule to cook. I also cook my family some vegetables cooked in butter and garlic salt.

Just looking at the Strong Inventory tests, I feel as if I have a bright future ahead of me. I think I'll look at these tests further and decide what I truly want to do!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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