March 5, 2021

How today is and moving forward on my YouTube Channels!

Oh my gosh! I skipped a journal! How can I be so forgetful to do one?! Well, I guess not that it matters anyway. It's ok to skip a day of journalism for a day to just sip on some good ol' water!

Today, however, was another busy day chocked full of 4 classes that I have to attend after 15 min break intervals. I swear, I cannot believe how I could attend 4 classes on the same day when it starts from 12 pm to around 5:45 pm! I should be dead by now... It's almost close to Spring Break, however, and I'm more excited to take a week off of school to refresh myself. Before the break, however, I will have to study a lot for my midterm exams next week and I won't fail those! The only classes I have trouble with are my Economics and Finance classes. Like I said in my other posts, I have taken the time to download OBS and pre-record these class sessions I had with the classes I attend on Zoom! So, whenever I have missed something or even needed clarification on something that I am having trouble with, I am always gonna go back to my pre-recorded classes for reference!

Aside from that, however, I started planning on moving forward with my two brand new YouTube Channels! One channel is dedicated to me just making content on my own. The other channel, however, is dedicated to a collab with my cousin whom I always play Beyblades and Pokemon! My cousin and I are like the best of friends (even though he's in middle school and I am in University). Whenever I would visit my Auntie's house, the first thing I always do was always spend time with my cousin in his room, playing video games and toys that we enjoy!

It came as a thought that since I was moving forward on making YouTube content, I would also tag my cousin along for the ride! The both of us would use the collab YouTube Channel to make videos whenever we both are present. Our content is going to be based around video games and toys content (just like those other YouTube Channels that also focus on video games and toys). This is whenever I would come over to my Auntie's house and spend the night or two Speaking of the collab YouTube Channel, I am still in the process of having Discord meetings with my cousin to come up with some ideas for our channel name, border, and our icon.

Right now, I am still thinking about what else needs to be done in order to move forward with my plan but I am planning on making a video today at 9pm on a toy that I preorder at Target! Hopefully things to well for me!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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