March 6, 2021

Fun time at my parents' friends' house and made my first Youtube Video!

First off, I was out with my family to my parents' friends' house yesterday to have a Hot Pot party. At the hot pot party, we had a really delicious meal, cooking so many things in the pot! For me, I love meat and it's really delicious even when cooked in a hot pot so I took some opportunity to throw in a lot of meat. Not to mention, there were these fish balls that my parents' friends made that taste so delicious when cooked in a hot pot. They had these colorful wraps on them and when tasting it for the first time, these fishballs almost taste like Shrimp Shumai! It was very delicious!

Surprisingly, last night's dinner made me so full, and yet it felt as if I ate so little. I guess I must have been imagining things or clearly I was not watching how much I was eating. After the hot pot dinner, our family at their friends' house decided to watch this amazing show called "Coming to America 2." Watching this movie with everyone, I can see that my parents had a really fond memory of watching this show. My parents in the 80s watched the first movie and when watching the second movie, they had fond memories that they would speak with their friends (who also lived in the same age as them). It was wonderful to have gotten to know my parents' friends' family!

Speaking of spending time with their friends' family, I met the daughters of that family who I seem to vibe with a little. The funny thing was when I met them for the first time, one of the daughters was taller than the other sister so I assumed the tallest sister must have been the older sibling. Unfortunately, I was caught off guard when the shortest sister was the older sibling than the taller, youngest sibling! I was surprised! However, it's common where I live since I had instances of my 2nd sister being looked at as the older sibling because of her intelligence in the family (even though I was the eldest sibling). Overall, last night was fun!

Today, however, I took so much time out of my day to edit my first YouTube video! This YouTube video was about reviewing a certain product that I preorder on the Target app back in December called "Beyblade Burst Pro Series: Elite Champions Set." First, I made sure that I recorded my unboxing with no live voiceover and when done recording, I used Shotcut to voice over what I did on the camera! When I opened the product for the first time, however, it was the greatest feeling I had ever since I was a child which was opening toys! It was the coolest product to ever have in my room and after I made my YouTube video on it, I was playing with the product for hours. Man, I still feel like a kid playing with his toys again XD

Even though I made my first, well-organized video review of the product I preordered from Target, I still got that urge to still make videos again. I wanted to put out as many videos as I want to as my creative brain was filled with wonderful ideas to make videos on, but I remember correctly that making too many videos every single day can cause stress and also lose your audience according to a YouTube video I watched. Because of that, I'm planning on waiting for a few days to pass while thinking of a topic that I make a video on!

Overall, my day today was filled with lots of fun and surprises! I did not do anything product, unfortunately, as I was caught up at the moment when I got my preordered product in the mail. If anyone wants to look at the video, I will provide the link below for anyone who wants to see it! Hope everyone out there stays safe from the pandemic!

~ Asian Nut

Link to my YouTube video:

Written by AsianNut

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Posted On Mar 08, 2021

Glad you have so much fun making videos, definitely keep doing it! I wouldn't mind silent or whispered unboxing videos, because I really like ASMR and find videos like that soothing- just an idea though...doesn't really seem your style, but I thought I would suggest anyway :D Very nice editing job on this kind of review and I learned a little bit!

I'm a toy collector too! mostly pokemon plush- I even give some of them their own names and personalities! I still love playing with toys, I truly believe no one can be too old to have fun with toys of all kinds and love to see other people's love for their own :)

Posted On Mar 08, 2021

@iyazo Thank you so much for your comment iyazo! I have heard of ASMR videos (and I'm guilty to say that I did like ASMR videos where they whisper to your ear) and I have seen that community being popular! However, you're right that it does not seem to be my style. I'm usually loud and expressive when it comes to the camera, however, I might consider that suggestion, thank you!

And wow! You're a toy collector too? That's amazing to hear that I am not the only one who collects toys out there! I did grow up with a strong bond for toys and even though my tastes of what kind of toys I like change, it does not change the fact that I am a toy collector at heart. I am an avid Pokemon fan too, however, the kinds of Pokemon merchandise that I always consider buying for myself is always Pokemon cards. With Pokemon cards, there is sooo much combinations that can be made within a 60 card deck.

Thank you and it's a pleasure to get to know you!

Posted On Mar 24, 2021

@AsianNut I actually LOVE foreign whispering, it's one of my favorite soothing sounds. But then again, I also like the ones where they're all but eating an ear too so.........sometimes it be like that lol

Yeah I love toys! Mostly plush, but I have a ton of figures and cards as well. Lately I've been thinking about selling my cards unfortunately, because they're only going to be able to be in storage for a long time. I never really had a chance to play, but I love the art. I'm gonna have really bad separation anxiety from some of my stuffed animals though honestly. It's going to be rough.

Nice getting to know you too!

Posted On Mar 24, 2021

@iyazo That's nice to know that you like foreign whispering! And you say that you also like ASMR videos that basically nibble on the ear? Those ones I could never scroll away from when I was listening to some ASMR videos. Really gets your spine-tingling XD

Also, it's great that you are thinking about selling your cards! If you are selling cards, I would suggest going to a local card shop that sells trading cards (like baseball cards, Pokemon cards, Magic the Gathering cards, and various other trading cards). First of all, however, I would try to google the card online to see what the price goes up for. For example, I would look at eBay and or Amazon to see how much the card is so that I could base my price of the card around that number. Then, I would either try to sell it on eBay or Amazon near the price I looked up, or I would just head to the local card shop to sell my cards. Though I am not too familiar with how to make money selling specific cards, I do kind of know the basics of how to find the price of the card to base it on or around it.

About your stuffed animals, you should honestly keep them until the time is right to part with them. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on decluttering the cards, figures, and maybe some of your stuffed animals!

Posted On Mar 24, 2021

@AsianNut Yes exactly the ones!

I've thought about selling my cards one by one because I have some worth a decent amount, but I have no time to dig them out and start sorting them at the present moment. If I had a way to get to a local game shop I would try to sell all that I have and the nicer figures which are still mint in box, but I don't have a way to do that at the moment.

It sucks that it will cost me about $100/month to keep all of my belongings, but I'm not ready to let them all go....

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