March 7, 2021

I feel as if I am falling behind on my productivity

Today got me thinking about my overall progress in productivity and life and I think I am on the verge of falling behind on my schedule. Today, I was not able to not do anything productive and instead played video games all day. It was weird how this weekend turned out for me for the worst. At least tomorrow, however, I may still have that chance of productivity. In addition, I have midterms on Tuesday that I absolutely have to study for. After writing this journal entry, I need to focus on my studies a lot more and put aside distractions. I will probably use Habitica or AYearAgo.Today's Planner to plan for my next day forward.

Speaking of falling behind on my productivity, I have often seen this happening many times for me. At the start of the weekend, I would get hyped up about productivity and instead got the reverse side effect. I think that I need to stop hyping myself over-promising to do something productive or need to put constant reminders on my calendar. Although I had some factors that I could not control (such as eating over my parents' friends' house, going out somewhere to eat, or having other stacks of important things to do on top of it), I still feel that sense of responsibility I need to uphold as an adult to truly balance my life.

That being said, I feel my goal in life is to not only balance my lifestyle but to organize my time wisely. To do that, I may need to program my Habitica Dailies and To-Dos to constantly remind me of what important things I need to do. Moreover, I am curious as to how AYearAgo.Today's Planner feels like. I may have started writing journal entries on this website, however, the one thing that I have never touched is the planner.

Welp, it's time I try to make up for those mistakes! In addition, since Spring Break is around the corner, that gives me time to think about what sort of productive things to do during that break. Maybe I need to workout more by running on the treadmill more or I need to start committing myself to read books. I think my main problem is time itself. Nevertheless, I may not know how to plan this through, however, even without a planner or a device to remind myself to do something, I still need to build that habit of sucking up to doing what needs to be done as an adult. I believe that if I do this, some part of my lifestyle might change!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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