March 12, 2021

Yay! I'm free for a week! Midterm update!

Finally, the week where I can get some moments of peace and relaxation! Today, I just got done with my midterms and I am so relieved as to have a week off of school. If you guys don't know what I am talking about, I am talking about spring break, that week off of school where you get to relax and not attend online class sessions. I am so glad I get to relax for a week until I have to go back again. The bad thing is, however, that I still got assignments from one class to do during the break (which is a few project assignments that I won't have to worry about with time management).

As to how I did during the midterms, I'll say that I did average (meaning half of it was good and half of it was bad). The truth is, I had two midterms today along with two classes that I had to attend, which was exhausting enough. I had a Finance midterm that I felt that I didn't do well in, however, at least I tried my best. I did study the day beforehand by watching the class recordings I have recorded but most of the questions I had were confusing that it felt as if they did not add up to what I learned. Nonetheless, that's gonna kill my grade a bit further for that class.

For my Global Management midterm, I felt like I aced that test! That test had only 4 questions and all of them were essay questions that were easy enough to answer. One question, in particular, was about SMART goals and what my SMART goals are. Truthfully, I spoke about my own SMART goal which was to walk every day for an hour within a week. This SMART goal I created can be measured through the use of AYearAgo.Today's planner functions and or through Habitica. As for actionable, I said I was gonna use Pokemon Go as something to help me walk for an hour. There are various areas within the SMART goal that I want to talk about but I was able to plan out a goal myself to do throughout Spring Break.

Overall, today was not bad but not the best either. I just pray that my grades are good enough in the end and I just need to pass in order to move on to the next step to my degree. Aside from that, I got the week to myself and I am planning on spending this week with relatives and myself! I now got time to work on that video that I wanted to work on so I'll be starting on it sometime soon! Stay safe everyone!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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