March 29, 2021

Day 37 of nofap; my first true test

Woah, I thought I was only on day 28 because I made Habitica reset my habit every month, but I'm actually already on day 37 which is pretty damn cool. This just makes me more motivated to continue this lifestyle until the day I die.

So the reason I decided to write today was because I had my first true test to see if I would relapse. What happened was I was on Reddit, and I accidentally clicked on a link that brought me to an nsfw sub. Of course, I immediately closed it - just disgusted.

However, I also felt that urge. I actually hadn't felt it in a while, but man, did I have to work hard to make myself forget and brush off what I saw. And oh my god, am I so fucking glad I did. Can you imagine if I had relapsed? What a waste these more than 5 weeks would have been!

What's important to remember when doing nofap is the urge is okay. It's natural to feel it from time to time. However, what's not okay is giving in to that urge. If you give in, you are a slave to yourself; it means you are still tied to your primal desires. To actually be in possession of your life? Have control. Control is empowering. It makes you believe in your capabilities, want to accomplish more, and become your best possible self.

Make sure that in whatever you may do, it will benefit you, and make sure to care for yourself like you were someone you loved. Nofap helps me do this, and I never want to stop. Be kind and keep striving.

Also, this is the most important thing to keep in mind when doing nofap: The REAL Reason Why NoFap is So Hard

Written by Quarter

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