April 21, 2021

Fuck group works

(I just realized what a mood this title is. Too bad I can't change it lol.)

This is just a short journal entry to vent my frustrations with group works, and I know this will be short because I have to get back to working with my group soon.

Maybe it's because I'm always the leader. Maybe it's because I'm not communicating as clearly as I can. Maybe it's because I'm not getting people organized the right way.

These are the reasons why I specifically, not my groupmates, may be the one at fault for my constant frustration during most group works. Yet it always feels like the true root of the problem consistently comes from them.

When my groupmates are classmates I trust, the output always seemingly turns out great. However, when my groupmates aren't really those I know I can trust, the output always has to be made with the bulk of the work coming from me.

It's not like I'm refusing them useful tasks/jobs to do. I'm not being rude or condescending to them. In fact, I try my absolute best to be extremely patient with them, explain things that may be confusing, or just plain help if there's a problem.

But despite all that, even after so much diligent instruction, I repeatedly end up being the one to do major revisions on their works because they just can't seem to make the quality outputs on their own that would be so nice to see from them.

I really wanted to avoid saying it, but I always seem to "carry" the group.

I'm sorry if I'm sounding like an asshole. I just desperately needed to get this out in words.

Written by Quarter

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Posted On Apr 22, 2021

ye I feel you bro :( Is really difficult to handle teamwork. The only thing I like is that I have the most control over how everything is done, but the stress is still there.

Posted On Apr 22, 2021

Yeah I've "carried" my fair share of groups before, oh well man. Your groups won't last long, have fun I guess while they last.

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