April 13, 2020

f i r s t

Sooo, this will be my first entry here. Actually, the app Habitica was the reason i am here right now. Usually, i write my journal entries on my notebook but since this is part of may to do's, i might as well get into it.

Things are going pretty well, I've just finished updating my bullet journal. I have actually done a lot today: helped do the laundry, exercised, stretched, this journal entry, updated my bullet journal, played the piano.. well, i realized that's not a lot. But atleast I haven't wasted my time doing nothing but sleep and watch netflix all day (no offense). I am quite motivated to these things now, especially we're stuck at home due to quarantine. Oh by the way, i also did some tai chi. I am really fascinated in martial arts lately huwaaah i hope i can be able to join actually martial arts classes.

Anyway, I'm going to end this here. It's nice to release your thoughts sometimes so it won't overflow in your head.

Written by noeeelle

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Posted On Apr 13, 2020

Hei! And welcome!
I've been meaning to do tai chi as to at least get my mom to work out with me too~ Hahahaa~ Any videos you can recommend?

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