May 7, 2021


You don't know how hyped I am. Not because it's now summer (tho, wooooo!!), but because I managed to do the 7 remaining goddamn assignments in ONE day before the final deadline, 11:59 PM, which is currently 9 minutes from now as of writing this. Yup, that was some bad decision-making and procrastination :P

Well, actually, I still have one more assessment to do, but the reason for it is just dumb af. We had our Culinary Arts final exam last Monday. However, it was on Google Forms, not on Ranger360, and apparently, if you don't click the submit button before the owner closes the form, your attempt doesn't get counted and is lost. Why did Sir Randi have to close it with no warning?? It wasn't even the end of the period!

I'm scheduled to "make-up" for it this coming Monday. And all 40 questions will now be different. Ughh.

Welp, I don't want to write for too long. I need a good night's rest, something I haven't gotten in a long time...

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Posted On May 07, 2021

congrats!! and woo summer

Posted On May 09, 2021

Oof that sucks... Good luck on the make up exam!

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