April 14, 2020

my body h u r t s

It's 2:09 in the afternoon here in our country, and... i don't know why i'm telling you that, it doesn't even matter, LOL. I just don't know how to begin this.

Anyway, like what the title says, my body hurts like hell. It's been a few days since I started doing workouts again, and of course, my body wasn't used to this change. Yesterday while doing the laundry, I decided to do a few punches, some kicks, and some ab workout/exercises while I wait for the washing machine to chime. I've always did these things since the beginning but the only difference was, I was using some weights yesterday.

I think that's what made everything difficult than before when I wasn't using other equipment.

To cut the story short, here I am with sore sides and back, along with the stiffness of my neck, I can't rotate my shoulders as usual, and my abdomen/stomach hurts. But I know this is good news. It means my workout is working, that I am not working in vain. All those sweats and the pain I had endured, they are worth it, they will be worth it.

So, in my last entry, someone commented about tai chi and if there are videos I could recommend. The problem is: I don't know how to reply, or is it even possible to reply to a comment? I don't know, I tried searching already but I can't seem to find a way to reply. So, I guess i'd just have to mention it here, just in case.

I am a total beginner in tai chi, and I've just had the interest a few weeks ago because of the video of the Try Guys on YouTube. These are the links of the videos I follow:




I am concentrating on those three video tutorials and once I master them, i will hop on to another level of difficulty.

I guess i'll be ending it here, and the next thing i'll do is study an online course with Harvard. It will be my first so i am very excited and enthusiastic.

Wish me luck!!!

Written by noeeelle

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Posted On Apr 17, 2020

WILL they be worth it? I'm kidding, I'm actually in the same boat as you xD but it's best you don't stress about it xD
How come you decided to do Tai Chi :D? I shall try one of your videos in one of my workout sessions xD GO BE A NERD :D !!!

Posted On Apr 26, 2020

@pinenutes good luck to youuuu! =D

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