June 1, 2021

My thoughts on the Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart Interview and Positivity

Hey all! It's been a while since I've written something in public!

So, why am I writing this? I'm writing this because I found an interesting video about Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart about how to deal with negative people. It was an interesting video that I want to take the time to share with you all. The video is titled "How to deal with negative people" but as I was watching this video, however, I feel it was more than just dealing with negative people and just being positive yourself. Kevin Hart explains that through his experiences of being positive and happy in life.

As the interview starts off, Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart discuss how just becoming negative is becoming mainstream. They first discuss how people just want to be different from one another and just being negative is the new cool than being positive. This idea of negativity and how it spreads can create this bandwagon for people to hop on and also become negative themselves. It almost seems like a sickness that spreads just like the coronavirus. But with this idea of negativity being the new cool and what people expect to see, it just creates this mass of people who genuinely don't know why they are negative about it. What also got me interested was when Kevin Hart questions how people have the time to be this negative and not know why they are negative, to begin with. A quote from Joe Rogan from the interview also follows up with "It is a mismanagement of your time," which made me think that he was talking about how being negative and saying negative things is just mismanaging your time. There are other things to do other than being negative and it does not make sense to hate something if you do not know the reason why.

Along with the video, however, what hit me was where Kevin Hart gets his positivity from. He gets his positivity from the thought that in this world "perfection does not exist." From what I can interpret from how he said that message was that nothing in this world is perfect and it does not have to be. We should not expect everything to be perfect because if we expect it so, it's contributing to our image of what a perfect world is and not in everyone else's image. So what I feel I got out of that whole video is that we should just be happy about ourselves more and be happy with the things we have. We should not also compare our lives with others and instead focus on how to become better the next day.

Just by watching this, I think I should reflect on myself more about how to become as positive as I can be. Naturally, I am a nice guy to other people. My dad even says that I am a genuinely nice person that gets along with people when talking to them. I know this because I have seen myself talk to random strangers in a shopping mall (even to Japanese tourists) casually and happily. However, I do get angry even about the stupidest of things and sometimes, I get depressed when I compare myself to others. I even one time just never liked my neighbors and my sister would ask why only to feel guilty about what I have done.

So in watching the video, parts of my humanity were restored and made me think about focusing on becoming a better person too. Besides that, I recommend anyone to watch this interview with Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart to understand how to be positive. It's a great video! In addition, to anyone who is reading this and feeling down or negative, my love and positivity go out to all of you. Let's all become better people and think about the positive things in life!

~ Asian Nut

Written by AsianNut

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