June 2, 2021

02 de Junio - Shatter me. Before I Forget. (I speak Spanish, sorry for my English)

"Shatter me" and "Before I Forget" are two songs.

Shatter me in the Nightstep version makes me feel that I want to dance and sing, it really fulls my energy.

"Before I Forget" by Slipknot helps me to drain my angry and hate.

"oH, zLypNot, bAzIc" say some people, but whatever, I heard them since many years. One of the few things I liked in my childhood was: rock, metal, techno.

I think I want to talk about music right now.

My favorite songs from Slipknot are:

"Before I Forget". Allow me to drain my angry and hate from the past.

"Spit it out". This really makes me feel free, like scream my hate. I really want to sing it some day.

"Dead memories". Reminds me that I need to left behind my past.

"Snuff". This is really special for me... A deep meaning, a deep feeling. I want to animate somethig with it some day, dance it.

"...When you refuse to fight, so save your breath, I'll not hear..."

Rammstein, seriously, it makes me want to speak german. "Ohne dich" is so... Deep, I want to cry when I listen it. "Mein Herz Brennt" is also really special for me.

"Peace sells" by Megadeth is good. La letra tiene mucha verdad. But I like more Metallica, although is a bit "soft" for me, I prefer something more hard. "Whiskey in the jar", "St. Anger", and specially "The day that never comes", are some songs that I really like from them.

Since I remember I listen Iron Maiden, but only "Flight of Icarus" is special for me, I like other songs but not so much.

Sometimes I'm not so sure if something is metal or rock, because I feel some songs too "soft" or too "hard".

Rock is really beautiful, Pink Floyd. Seriously, I love the album "The wall", the feelings, the songs, everything is so...

Good bye blue sky... That's so, so, it touchs the heart.

S.O.A.D. have many good songs in my opinion, but it's a bit repetitive sometimes.

"Starway to heaven" is my favorite from Led Zeppelin.

Although I don't listen so much Pearl Jam, but "Jeremy" and "Evolution", sincerely, I always cry with those, without exception. I tried to listen without cry but I can't. Suicide is something so terrible, painful, fragile, I can't understand how some people make jokes about it. That makes me think, that even a word can save a life... Just a word can share hope, the feeling of "it's okay, you are not alone, I understand it"...

And evolution, this talks about the humanity and many of the terrible things that people do. It makes me feel sad, angry. I cry many minutes after listen it.

------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to breath and calm down because I want to cry ------------------------------------------------------------

Techno and electronic makes me feel energy. This reminds me, cuando era niña quería ser de grande como algunas cantantes, la cosa es que, en ese entonces yo no tenía idea del racismo, o qué tan importante era para alguna gente el tono de piel, para mí simplemente eran hermosas, me encantaba el cabello rizado que tenían, su voz, no me importaba el color, eran simplemente humanas. Ahora de adulta, sigo creyendo que se veían increíbles, y me siguen gustando aquellas antiguas canciones. Sólo que, darme cuenta cómo entonces no pensaba así, no pensaba que existiera el racismo, no pensaba que había gente que odiara a uno u otros por tener piel más clara u oscura, y ahora que soy consciente, mantengo mi postura, el color no importa, sino quién eres.

I wrote in Spanish because, it's hard write in English and sometimes I can't find the words.

Although I hear something of Pop, isn't so usual. It just gives me a bit of energy, but I don't have a favorite song or with a special meaning.

That's all for now, I'm not hungry but the lunch is coming.

With a smile, I say "Al carajo con todo, seré feliz, haré el bien, y yo aprenderé para no cometer los mismos errores que todas las escorias que conocí".

¡Por Los Dientes de León!

¡Soplaré una vez por mi deseo, dos veces por mis anhelos y toda la vida por mis sueños!

Written by Miya-Miya

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