April 17, 2020

Another day, it is

Sooo, not a lot has happened. I woke up with various dreams, and I'm quite surprised i remember some parts of it. Of course i immediately recorded dream in my dream app. 

Then i went on with my usual enhanced community quarantine routine. I ate lunch (not breakfast because i woke up so freaking late because i didn't want my dream to end), cleaned up the mess, and continued watching the series with my parents about the life of Jesus's disciples after he died and rose again. They are so die-hard fans of anything Christianity and I'm just glad they're not like me. 

Anyway, i felt lazy and wasn't sure if i should do the workout and stretches today. But damn, i remembered yesterday was my rest day, so it's natural for me to feel lazy and sore and like i don't wanna do it anymore. So before exercising, i watched inspirational and motivational videos about martial arts, kung fu, and etc., Then i, again, had the spark in my veins and finished my workout routine. My brother saw me exercising so he joined me BUT he had his own routine to follow. 

After that, i ate pancake and soda, which really isn't helpful for someone wanting to lose weight, lol. And ate dinner again, cleaned again, took a shower, and did some randok stuffs. Oh, then watched another movie again with my dad... Hmmmm and now here i am, typing my journal entry for today in the dark. 

Since it's quarantine, i had a new idea. I am going to write oneshots tomorrow for my otps, dramione and rivamika. The theme will be about quarantine. I'm thinking of fluff and kinda smutty, and anxious feels of the quarantine. And oh, modern. Both pairings originated from older times setting, so i might have to make a [modern AU] here. 

Anyway, wish me luck!!!

Written by noeeelle

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Posted On Apr 18, 2020

What application do you use to write down your dreams :)?
What do you do for physical excercises :D?
You write your oneshots :D ! Go for it :D !

Posted On Apr 26, 2020

@pinenutes I use the app AWOKEN on play store, oh and for the workouts, I follow exercises from the DAREBEE =) thank youuuu

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

@noeeelle Dear lord, Darebee looks hella hard xD haha Awoken looks cool :3 Thank You :3!

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