July 9, 2021

Day 3 of New Sleep Routine.

I will have to add a task to my project. To check my stereo to make sure it is on the right input when I am not listening to music through my phone. (audio in) I accidentally left it on the input and forgot to change it; thus, the alarm did not sound again. I used my phone as a backup again and, it was a good thing too. Hopefully, once this routine becomes habitual, it won't be an issue.

I did manage to do all of my nighttime routines without issue. We had an earlier dinner, so there was no mad rush and I was in bed before 10 PM. I read and updated my sleep log. By the time I was ready to sleep, it was 10 after, not bad. I will need to make sure I get most of my hydration done before going to bed to have my nighttime tea at the end of the day and not have to chase it with water to meet my requirements. Yes, I track my daily hydration. I have found my nighttime tea makes me thirsty, so we shall see how that all goes tonight.

As I put this down, I have a water bottle next to me.

Waking up this morning I felt slightly groggy, perhaps my quality of sleep was not as well last night. The key here is that I stayed up once I woke. I turned on the radio right away to stimulate myself. Even now I am feeling a bit sleepy. I will fight it to avoid a long nap, for the time being. I will allow myself a nap once this routine is established. Or when I feel that a nap won't throw off my bedtime. It could also be a caffeine crash, since I had two cups of coffee first thing this morning.

I laughed at myself when I looked at the clock a couple of hours ago. It said 1 o'clock. Usually, I would be surprised that so much time would have passed so quickly. I would get up at 10 or 13 30 and boom it would be 1 in no time. Today I didn't think that. It felt more like wow it's only one. I have noticed by getting up at 7 I feel like I have way more time to do things, which is a way I do because I am less likely to be interrupted by dinner or something else. It feels rather strange. I am sure it will wear off in time.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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