July 13, 2021

Day 7 of S.R

Thinking I am starting to flatline on this routine. Regardless, I will continue to try and adjust my project as I progress. This is a rough patch due to injury, and I don't know when or if any covid vaccine side effects will hit me.

My toe is continuing to heal. It is still tender, so I still have to be careful. I haven't done much of anything today, and I am okay with that. The family that got their shots is having a rougher time and more side effects than I am. I got phzer while they got merderna. I got the same on both shots. The family got Astra Zenica. I had heard that mixing them could lead to stronger side effects. It seems to be true. Although a friend got Maderna on first does and was ill too.

Interesting times.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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