July 15, 2021

Day 9 of S.R and other thoughts

Another successful 7 am-ish wake-up. The dog woke me up with all the pacing he was doing at 5:45 this morning so it was a little shocking to wake up only an hour and fifteen minutes later. The last few hours of sleep feel crucial to whether or not one will wake up rested or groggy. (It was the clinking of his colour tags.) Our family guest also wakes up a 5 am and my aunt went to work this morning. I did fall back asleep quickly, al the same. Waking up took me a little longer than I would have liked, I did it.

I was up and dressed and was having my breakfast within the hour. I also use and old show "Andromeda" as a bit of a motivator to get up. They air it three times with two-episode blocks starting at 5 AM

Tomorrow will be the first time that I will HAVE to get up at 7 AM because I have a 10 AM virtual meeting to attend and I want to be fully awake and fresh for it. I still can't move that quickly due to my foot, so I will take my time and do things safely. The last thing I need to do is rush and fall and actually do more damage. I still don't think it is broken but very badly bruised. Fairly certain I said this in my last post.

A sleep routine sounds easy and seems simple enough, it is not with all the outside factors and temptations within our lives. (Family and technology.) The hardest so far is family, given they have their own routines and don't match.

This is definitely something I have to remind myself of the long term benefits and all the good things I could gain from it once this pandemic has truly come to an end.

I am aware that some of my recent entries have sounded boring and mundane, that happens They are down all the same and I am continuing to journal which is a good thing.

Time for dinner with the family.

Be Well All who read this.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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