July 19, 2021

Day 13 of S.R Ate my lunch and finished a book outside.

It must have been around 11: 30 by the time I actually went to sleep last night. Little later than it should of been. Shaking technology use is HARD "Just one more thing...tap tap tap...oh I will quickly do this and that...tap tap tap." This is where my struggle is now. I was doing a game and most of it runs automatically so I did get up and brush my teeth for the night and change for bed, or did I, I am not quite sure of it at this point, it could have been yesterday when I did that. I know I did my teeth.

These are just small little things, which I know the count and it is a good thing that I am doing them, even if I am not sure the next day because they should be habitual and not something I need to spend a lot of energy on. It would be nice to have a better memory, however.

Again I was up at 7 AM yet again- another win. I have shifted my showers back to the morning. That way if I am tired enough at bedtime I won't have to skip it due to fatigue. I do eventually want to walk my dog first thing in the morning, given that has been a couple of months it may require me to shower after. I get a workout when I walk him. Also if I do manage to land a job it will have to be before going to said job. I did want to go this morning but my toe/foot wasn't giving me any good feelings so I opted out. I want to give its time to heal properly. I listen to my body.

This morning after the two episodes of Andromeda ended I turned off the TV (It is still off as I write this) grabbed my water bottle and my book and sat out on my deck to read the rest of it. My dog was anxious and barky so it wasn't as peaceful as I would have liked. I also had to pause after a chapter to make lunch. I ate that outside too. I had been spending a lot of time inside watching movies on TV, to the point that a family member asked me at dinner last night if I had become a vampire. (They were of course joking) Regardless, I thought it would be nice to sit outside and read. In the end, I had to finish the last couple of pages inside because my dog was "Fence barking"

Now I will be able to jump back into my other book tonight that I mentioned yesterday.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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