July 22, 2021

Played Warcraft 3 All Day Again

7:18 AM (of Friday, July 23rd 2021)

Today is Thursday, July 22nd 2021 and it's been a few days since I last wrote any entries. There's nothing that's been too amazing though. I have probably seen Aloe 2-3 times since my last entry, and yet now I don't remember our encounter as well. They're almost just a blur to me now, since we've been hanging out a lot and spending literally 12+ hours hanging out in some days.

A few days ago I sent my real estate agent my bank statement to show them proof that I have sufficient amounts in my bank to be able to buy this home I want to buy in cash. Sometime today, another representative from that real estate company called me, and he did not speak English that well. He said "Okay these two deposits here, you need to send us the June statements from those accounts too." I think that is very intrusive, what if I want those accounts to be private? And I checked, only one of them has June statements, the other account doesn't even keep any statements at all and I checked everywhere.

Anyway I have sufficient amount in one account. Why do they need statements from these other accounts as well? Seriously, I don't think they need that at all. I don't want them to know everything I have and there is no reason they need to know that either. I am buying the property from a bank by the way, and I think they are the ones asking for that information.

Most of the day today I just played Warcraft 3. I also did some work today too, but other than that I mostly just played Warcraft 3, the game Legion TD in particular. I installed Warcraft 3 the other day for fun, because I was bored out of my mind. I had already driven to every store and mall here I think, not at all actually, but I've explored enough here. I've bought whatever I wanted to buy, I've already said this a few times, but I'm sufficiently out of stuff to buy.

All I ate this morning was some oranges, and orange juice from my juicer. I also ate a bit of sprouted lentils, and I bought an Acai bowl at this Acai place here. So Acai places are very popular here, I stood in line for over 1 hour the other day, just to some Acai, and so did other people.

Anyway in Warcraft 3, I did pretty poorly in basically all of my Legion TD games. In my opinion I did poorly, because I didn't dominate. I think I won 50% of them, so I was really not too good and not too bad. I rate myself as bad though. These games require a good amount of knowledge and strategy, and mine apparently aren't enough to dominate in the game.

I also played this game called War of Races, and that was a lot of fun. It is just a Warcraft 3 game where you can play as one of 12 different races, and you have war with other people. It is a 3 vs 3 team game, and I lost probably 4 games before I won a single game. The last game I played, I dominated. I was the best player in the entire game and I had researched every upgrade. It is a very hard game though, and that's why I lost 4 games before I won a single one.

Aloe texted me a bunch today too, she really wants me to learn and be able to speak Spanish right now. She says I should send her a voice message of my "jailaits" (Spanglish for highlights) for every day. I think I have a sufficient understanding of Spanish. It is not that hard I think, I am having trouble with words like "haz" and "se" and "ido" mostly, because I don't think I learned about those much in school but they are used so often every day. I also have trouble understanding what anyone says out loud, she asked me once "que iras hacer" and I had to ask her 3 times to repeat it, such a simple freaking question too.

Anyway that was my whole day today. Mainly just Warcraft 3, mainly just boredom.

Written by JustMegawatt

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