July 26, 2021

Finding New things to write about.

I am still keeping up with my sleep routine, but I am finding it less satisfying to write about because it is becoming repetitive, and not much is changing day-to-day. This is a good thing, as repetition is key to success when building new habits.

I am giving my blistered foot another day or two to heal. It would suck to start walking again too soon and reform it. It used to be a constant problem for me growing up. I was not too fond of it. It is a downside for my dog because I am the only one that will walk him. My other family members won't, and they don't walk their own dog. Due to my cerebral palsy and his size and strength, I cannot walk him. I feel bad for him.

My dog is small enough that he can't pull me over, and he knows not to. He is currently in the backyard, probably eating grass or knawing on a bone.

I checked our covid dashboard. Cases are going up in our interior health region with the delta variant, according to our news. This is concerning. I have also heard fewer people are getting vaccinated up there. I have heard other reports of people catching the variant that are considered fully vaccinated. It isn't easy to sift through all the information and find out what the truth really is. I know that there are people that do not trust the shots or what is in them. That some believe that this whole thing is a ploy of some kind.

I am not one of them. I believe that all of this is real, and although I cannot personally prove whether the vaccines are good or bad for us, I do not risk the lives of the ones I love and care about or my own to be proven right or wrong. The loss of life worldwide is heart-breaking. I am sometimes wondering if this is Mother Nature's way of balancing the scales.

We, as a human race, are the dominant species, but we are NOT invincible. Besides serious viruses like this, so many other creatures on the planet can kill us, perhaps not on a huge scale like this pandemic is.

Spiders, snakes and other insects come to mind. They can be rare, yet they do happen if there were a way to protect me from their poison I would take it.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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