July 29, 2021

Day of Rest

I slept in until 9 AM today, and I was up for 15 hours yesterday. It was the first time I had been physically active all day in a long time. My body is sore in the rib area. I worked muscles I haven't used enough. I am reasonably confident I have gained some weight. I now want to lose it again to fit comfortably in my size three/four jeans. I felt perfect in my body when I could wear them comfortably.

Weight management, for me, is a lifestyle choice. Given that I am now over the worst of my injuries and I have new shoes, it will be time to get back into daily exercise. I am fortunate enough that walking the dog every day helped me the first time. I hope it will again. I need to build up my stamina. I give myself credit for how well I did yesterday. I did a lot of walking, and it wore me out.

I did consider getting up at my usual seven am time and walk the dog. I do not want to overdo things or push myself too hard too fast. I convinced myself to get up at 9 am to avoid falling back into an unhealthy habit. It is an allowance without deviating too far away from the healthy habits I desire to establish for myself.

Tomorrow will be another 7 AM start, and the next time I have a full day like I did, I will go to bed early or when I get home depending on the time, instead of staying up. I will say this, not going to bed at 3 AM has been great for me mentally.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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