July 30, 2021

Productive and Quiet

I have the house to myself today. Family members are helping my cousin move more stuff to her new house, and I am home with the dogs. It is a hot day, and the dogs are hiding inside with me. I did take my dog for a walk this morning at 7:20, and 20 minutes into the walk, I could already feel the temperature rising. I was dripping in sweat halfway through the walk. I am out of shape, and I am confident that my sedentary two months have equalled me gaining weight.

Now that I have new shoes, I can walk the weight off. I am looking forward to it. As much as my one family member says that it isn't enough, I disagree. I walked it off before, and I will again, and I will eventually have core muscles. I plan to add some gym time and swimming to my routine.

I had breakfast and a shower when I got back and spent a couple of hours resting (watching TV), after which I had a cat nap before lunch. I also did my weekly clean of the bathroom and the kitchen. I didn't bother with the living room because there was little to no dust layer where it usually accumulates. I consider it an asset of darker furniture; you know when you have to dust things.

I am currently catching up on season 5 of Van Helsing on Netflix as I finish this entry off, and the dogs are quiet, no barking at random car doors slamming or things out the window. My dog has gone off a few times for unknown reasons. I kept my reactive frustration in check and stayed calm. I did feel it rise once, and I was tempted to yell at him. I did not because I recognized it and told myself no.

I have done all of this on 5 1/2 hours of sleep; usually, I don't function on so little sleep. I suppose the changes I have made have been more beneficial than I thought.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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