Aug. 3, 2021

Holding myself accountable for what I desire. I can be better. I can do better.

August 3, 2021

Fatigue has been prominent for me the last few days. The late nights have not helped. I should have listened to my body last night and gone to bed early instead of doing other things before going to bed.

Time management is something I need to work on and commit to. I want to do things, but it has been a struggle to convince myself to do them over other things. I need to figure out a way or strategy that helps me to stay on top of things. Things I desire to do and the ones I don't. Consistently inconsistent is my issue. I have to give myself allowances, but they need to be reasonable and realistic. I am floundering.

Things I need less of:

  • Watching tv
  • apps on my phone
  • apps on iPad
  • non-productive things on the laptop

All the above are sedentary activities and aren't good for me physically. I have gone from being busy and caring for someone to just sitting around watching tv shows. Yes, I am working on getting active again, but clearly, it is a struggle I need to work through. I need to push myself.

Things I need more of:

  • A daily walk (with the dog)
  • In general, more time outside
  • staying on top of chores like laundry (mostly laundry because I will wash and dry it but not bother putting it away.)
  • finishing craft projects. (I have many on the go.)
  • Time with friends (away from the house.)

Only I have the power and the abilities to change things if I desire to. I have said this before in previous entries.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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